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Wares is the name for the noisy, driving, power pop sounds made by Treaty 6 songwriter Cassia Hardy. Emerging in 2013 with a series of bedroom recorded EPs, Wares quickly established a reputation for sharp songcraft and captivating live sets. Early performances would often see Cassia and her too-loud guitar wading into the crowd, lyrics screamed over squalls of feedback suddenly cutting to whisper quiet refrains.

Years of road-refined songwriting culminated in an eponymous full length album, released on community label Double Lunch Records in October 2017. With sounds ranging from lovelorn campfire strumming, to slicing rock riffs, to rumbling waves of distorted drone, Wares is a dynamic forty minutes of music, full of sudden turns. The album could easily have been a confounding listen. Yet throughout each track, Cassia’s lyricism and knack for arranging keep the music focused and engaging.

Not content to leave listeners waiting, the surprise release of Silhouette followed less than a year later. Working in close collaboration with new producers and her trusted live band, the new EP finds a now familiar fuzzed out sound coupled with new experiments in mood, melody and synthesized texture. Exploring themes of objectification, romance, and desire under capitalism, Silhouette sees a more confident songwriter eager to stretch the boundaries of her project through collaboration.

See Wares (performing as a quartet) appearing at festivals and clubs across so-called Canada, playing fan favourites as well as workshopping material for an upcoming full length release.

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