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The Sweeties

The Sweeties band is made up of a pair of real-life sweeties – Patrick Hamilton and Fiona McTaggart, who live together in Whitehorse, Yukon. Though The Sweeties is a relatively new creation for the two, Patrick and Fiona have been playing music together since they met, more than ten years ago. Together their joint love for traditional old time and bluegrass music, coupled with an insatiable desire for good rock and roll, comes together in The Sweeties like the perfect storm. Nearly all the songs in The Sweeties’ repertoire are written more than a hundred years ago, as they regularly mine from the American Sacred Harp songbook, country parlour hits, and chart-topping songs from the 90’s – the 1890s, that is.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a soft and soulful trad group – The Sweeties bring the doom, the gloom, and the drama, as they blend these old songs with the heavy guitar riffs, guttural drums, and outrageous outfits of 1970’s heavy rock Performing together is obviously a natural act for these two, and their unique “Sacred Doom” style will first turn your head and then your feet as they draw you into their cacophonous Black Sabbath square dance. If The Sweeties’ music alone will steal your heart, their live show will make your great-grandfather turn over in his grave as The Sweeties simultaneously resurrect the eerie and uplifting harmonies of the past and awaken an earth-pounding sensation of rock and roll that will have you wishing the show would never end. 

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