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Please join us for by-stander intervention training with Calgary Sexual Health

We would like to welcome all interested members of the community to join us in an extremely important and informative (but fun!) workshop called “Creating a Culture of Respect: Being an Active Bystander.”

It will be held tomorrow (July 8th) and Sunday (July 9th) from 12-3 at The Champagne Room. No need to sign up- please just show up ready to learn!

For more information please read below:


Creating a Culture of Respect: Being an Active Bystander This workshop is based on research and best practices in sexual harassment prevention and response in the workplace, events, or the hospitality sector. This workshop is unique because it approaches this issue by exploring the negative cultural constructions of sexuality. Through interactive discussions and activities participants learn about not only the personal impacts of harassment, but also understand how this can lead to unhealthy environments. Participants leave with tools to address conflict, clarify boundaries, and understand the role that bystanders can play.


The Alberta Government and the Alberta Human Rights Commission recognizes the need for workplaces to create a safe and secure environment for all employees. This includes harassment of a sexual nature. Research indicates that to create a culture of safety training can assist all staff to consistently and collectively respond to sexual comments and gestures.

Broad Learning Outcome

To create a culture where boundaries are reinforced consistently amongst staff and clients, to create a space where all staff feel prepared to respond to sexual harassment .

Learning Outcomes

To explain the broad concepts of sexuality, sexual health, sexual rights, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assualt To clarify the culturally constructed views of sexuality, male and female roles To identify the impact of sexual boundaries being crossed To identify the importance of setting boundaries To explain a model for responding to sexual comments and gestures To practice responding

Workshop Outline Creating a Culture of Respect: Being an Active Bystander

Introductions – Purpose, Agenda, Ground Rules Clarification of Concepts:

-Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sexual Rights, Sexual Abuse

-Cultural messages about sexuality, male and female scripts


- Discussion of the impact of boundaries being crossed

- Discussion of the importance of setting boundaries

Responding to inappropriate sexual behaviours

- DESC Model: Describe what you see, Express what you feel is the impact of the actions, Specify what change you desire, Clarify benefits of change

- Explore an example and role play for the large group

- Practice using scenarios in small groups

- Discussion of Bystanders’ role

- Discussion of organizational process, procedures

–Follow Up: What to do? What not to do?


- Resources

- Evaluation

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