Voted one of Canada's top 10 music festivals Yellowknife, NWT Since 1980


Before there was anything there was PIT! Nothing is as fundamental as PIT! To build a foundation in rock itself, you dig PIT! To build a fire, you need PIT! and in the end, we all end up in PIT!

In the frozen Canadian city of Yellowknife, Treaty 7 Chief Drygeese territory, 5 man-children got together to play a show in a castle built of snow and ice. The people were starved for rock and roll and a band that gives the audience a booty-shaking, hip-gyrating good time and PIT! gave it to them.

The band’s frontman, Taylor Saracuse aka Le Tay Tay, assembled these miscreants and has proved his charisma as a frontman while belting out his velvety falsetto.

Rocking out on guitar is Baby Brian. When he’s up there, you know it’s going down.

Holding the groove down is Spaceman Bassman Dean Eskich. He keeps everyone on their toes – on the dancefloor.

Thompson Duff, the Duffman, forms the foundation of PIT! His drum solos have been reported to cause minor seismic events as reported by a geologist attending our show. Is it true, who knows?

Finally, the musicologist behind the keys, Andrew “Ace” Jossa. Sprinkling soulful piano interludes, screaming organ solos and gnarly synth lines on top of our musical cake.

PIT! has opened for Tanika Charles, boogied at a politician’s wedding and in between, they’ve done their best Beatles and Prince impersonations. The quintessential self-referential meta band, PIT! is what would happen if rock stars skipped sex and drugs and had a good laugh at the absurdity of it all.

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