Voted one of Canada's top 10 music festivals Yellowknife, NWT Since 1980

Claude Cormier

At a very young age, music attracted me. Thanks to my patience, determination and countless hours of practice, I had learned the basics of music and my instrument, the guitar.

Like all youth at that time, who dreamed one day of living off their music,I had to find a way, a guideline, that would allow me to learn and understand the different paths of music.

Of course, I did many first parts of shows in addition to accompanying established singers and musicians. I also toured with Cabano, my first band.

With all encounters, sometimes idols, but most of all models and mentors, without knowing they’d show me the way. Their generosity and simplicity motivated and encouraged me to persevere. My convictions and my endless desire to succeed in music once prompted me to act alone and I begin my solo career as a singer-songwriter 20 years ago.

Today I am proud to have recorded 7 studio album and have been able to leave my youth dream. I have toured across Canada and Europe for the past 10 years in different festivals and venues.

Claude Cormier is presented by Association Franco-Culturelle de Yellowknife (AFCY)

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