Shauna Seeteenak

Shauna Seeteenak

Shauna Seeteenak

Saturday, July 16th at 5:15PM on the Lawson Lundell Beer Garden Stage 


Sunday, July 17th at 6:30PM on the Cabin Radio Lakefront Stage

Artist Biography

Shauna Seeteenak is an Inuk hip-hop artist and political rapper, originally from Baker Lake, Nunavut. From the age of ten, she discovered that through song there was a way to express her emotions beyond talking and create a shared experience through her music. Currently based in Iqaluit, Shauna has made a name for herself in the industry and has collaborated with Inuit and international artists.

She is a genuine storyteller and centers her music on the truths and challenges facing Inuit, including mental health, sobriety, breaking stereotypes, overcoming barriers, surviving the north, and trying to heal. Shauna teamed up with the Iqaluit-based record label, Hitmakerz, to produce her debut album, Therapy Sessions, which was released in August of 2021.







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