Leaf Rapids

Leaf Rapids

Leaf Rapids

Friday, July 15th at 5:15PM at Warm The Rocks-Somba K'e presented by Field Law LLP


Saturday, July 16th at 5:30PM on the Cabin Radio Lakefron Stage


Sunday, 17th at 1:45PM on the 100.1 TrueNorth FM Aurora Stage (Theremin Workshop)

Artists Biography

Leaf Rapids is a small town in Northern Manitoba where the Aurora Borealis lights up the winter skies. It is also the moniker of a four piece band in Winnipeg whose sound has been described as ‘Cinematic Canadiana,' and features top notch songwriting, sweet and smoky voices, a seasoned rhythm section, some serious guitar licks and the eerie sound of the theremin.


Their latest album, Citizen Alien was released in May 2019 on Coax Records, It spent a couple months at #1 on the Canadian National Campus Radio Chart and was nominated for a Canadian Folk Award. They've performed in Canada, the US, UK, Germany and Netherlands, and are so happy to finally be at Folk on the Rocks.






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