One North Recordings - Kid Gali

One North Recordings Kid Gali

One North Recordings - Kid Gali

Saturday, July 16th at 5:15PM on the Canadian North Main Stage

My name is Bryan Tuyishime, but I go by Kid Gali. I was born in Kigali, Rwanda, but moved to Canada at a very young age. My musical background isn’t as decorated as most nor do I have as much experience or exposure. However, I’ve always had a love for writing. My musical journey began in the months of COVID, where boredom and madness brewed within the walls of isolation. Writing became my therapy; recording was my outlet.

I wrote and recorded my first single, Neverland, in the fall of 2020 with help from Northwyne and Beni Beats (Bradley Corderro). Afterwards, we jammed around and made the album Moods. To me, this project explored different emotional states from dark and melancholic to joyful and carefree. It was an attempt at shedding light on the realities of mental illness such as Bipolar Disorder.

Right now, I just wish to continue painting stories through creative lyricism.