NWT Creative Collective - Grace Christie

grace christie

Grace Christie - NWT Creative Collective

Saturday July 16 2:45pm on the 100.1 True North FM Aurora Stage

Sunday July 17 12:30pm on the 100.1 True North FM Aurora Stage

Artist Biography

Grace Christie was born in the Maritimes and has grown up living coast to coast across Canada. She is a recent high school graduate in Yellowknife. Writing and all kinds of forms of art have been a constant outlet for her. Playing instruments and composing from a young age meant Grace was always busy creating something whether it be a song, craft or story. Now as a young adult she is passionate about connecting with youth across the world through her writing about personal experiences to ensure that everyone knows they are not alone. Grace’s friends and coworkers along with her parents Jeff and Karen Christie are extremely supportive of her desire to change the world through words. Grace is super excited to get an opportunity to begin this journey by sharing her thoughts on youth and love at FOTR 2022!