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Ansley Simpson

Ansley Simpson is a Toronto-based Anishinaabe singer-songwriter. Nominated for two 2018 Indigenous Music Awards and winner of “Best New Artist”. Her much-anticipated debut album “Breakwall” (2017) is a gentle, powerful collection of songs that showcase her lilting vocals, clear melodic sensibility, and intricate guitar playing to moving effect. Ansley immerses the listener in a swelling, flowing symphony of emotion that builds in gentle intensity over the course of the album’s nine tracks. She is a natural performer, holding audiences spellbound with her haunting vocals and poetics. Ansley’s lyrical hymns to love, perseverance, and possibility entwine you in an unfolding, sonic world of her own making. This is music to guide you back to the shore when you’ve been lost too long in the waves. Ansley’s sophomore album, “She Fell from the Sky” an 11 track journey to indigenous reclamation is set for release 2019.

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