Voted one of Canada's top 10 music festivals Yellowknife, NWT Since 1980

Shayda presented by NWT Collective

Shayda (photo Credit Daniel Gillard).jpeg

Photo by Danielle Gillard

Chasing the northern lights on the icy lake in Yellowknife is where Shayda felt most at home. On long winter nights she would record endless hours of freestyle singing and dance her heart out in catharsis. With a Ukrainian and Iranian background, Shayda has been immersed in a rich culture of music, dance, and storytelling her whole life. Hearing her father chant persian prayers at a young age influenced her own singing style- taking on a tone of reverence for something mystical and beyond herself. Through music she shares her musings of the heart, mind, soul, and the human experience. Combining harmonies, smooth sultry beats, poetic lyrics, and a joyful presence, Shayda brings her heart to the stage with the belief in the healing power of music for all people- regardless of personal history, gender, sexual orientation, race, or language. She currently resides in Vernon, British Columbia where she pursues singing, songwriting, recording, and the healing arts. 

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