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Miraj featuring Taiga Yoga

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Taiga Yoga instructors and Miraj have partnered with the intent to let the audience get lost in sound and movement. Feeding off each other’s vibes, Miraj provides the soundscape upon which Katie, Bronwyn and Steph of Taiga Yoga guide the audience through meditative movement.  The product is an organic coming together – of sound and movement, of the individual and the collective, of body and soul.

Taiga Yoga and Therapy Centre an underground yoga oasis located downtown Yellowknife. Taiga offers a wide variety of yoga and pilates classes with a group of skilled and professional teachers coming from diverse yoga backgrounds.

Taiga strives to offer a safe and comfortable setting in which guests can fully relax.  The schedule is always balanced with different levels and types of yoga, and shifts to suit the season.

Aside from our yoga classes, guests are invited to enjoy the lounge area, where we have a SAD lamp, tea, yoga reference resources and colouring books. In addition, complementary therapists (massage, osteopathy) operate out of treatment spaces within the studio.

Miraj is an electro acoustic & audio visual project between Harrison Roberts A.K.A Fritz Zwicky & Sami Blanco A.K.A Temple Volant. Miraj focuses on transcendental ambient & tribal rhythmic soundscapes made of analog synthesizers; drum machines & samplers mixed with field recordings to create an organic environment. Miraj’s sonic exploration is a hybrid experiment of DJ mixing techniques between meditative harmonies & danceable grooves creating a live non-stop set guiding the body to move from one flow to another.

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